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Thanks Letter for Purchasing:

Congratulations,you have just purchased the most advanced bicycle parts on the market. FasTop Bike parts represent over 10 years of continuous research and development coupled with real world experience of amateur competitions and hundreds of riders' cyclings. Rest assured that your wheelset has been carefully manufactured and assembled by hand, transformed into a light weight, super-stiff racing wheelset. At each step of the process all of the parts have been inspected and checked to assure the highest quality,but we would like you to look over the wheels and ensure you are completely satisfied with them. Please inspect and save all packing materials that came with your wheels,if there is any evident damage to the packaging or to the wheels it is imperative to document it right now. If there is a problem due to shipping you must call us immediately at: +86 139 5920 3940

Wheels Care and Maintenance:

* To clean your full carbon FasTop Bike rims you may use mild soap and water.

* Store your wheels in a dry location.

* Store your wheels away from direct sunlight,extended exposure may cause discoloration of rim over time.

* To remove tubular glue or adhesive from the rim you may use alcohol or acetone(If using Acetone,avoid contact with the decals as this will damage them).

* Inspect your wheelset regularly for proper spoke tension,vertical and lateral true,bearing play,and bearing smoothness. Service related to any of the above issues should be performed by a professional bike mechanic.

* Once a year,inspect the inside or your rim using a flashlight to check for nipple corrosion.

* If any damage or questionable wear is discovered while inspecting your rim,contact FasTop Bike Customer Service:(+86 139 5920 3940 or info@fastopbike.com) for assistance before your next ride.


Wheel Truing:

FasTop Bike wheels are straight, round, and stable because of a balanced spoke tensions. The rim’s shape can be changed by tightening and loosening spoke nipples. Wheels truing should be performed by persons with adequate wheel truing experience or training. If you do not have confidence or experience with wheel truing,take the wheels to a qualified technician for this service. Problems that require the attention of a specialist: this includes major untrueness,chronic spoke loosening or breakage,noises,rim chips and cracks,or any negative sensations while riding. These are important signs to visit your local bike shop for expert advice. Do not ride a wheel that is unreliable or subject to questionable performance as evaluated by a user.


Hub Maintenance:

FasTop Bike wheels are built with hubs that are equipped with high grade, precision, sealed cartridge bearings. Under normal circumstances,no maintenance is required. Please be aware of the following situations:Avoid contamination of bearings with solvents, aerosol lubricants (as for chain), and strong cleaning solutions in the hubs. Solvents can pass the seals and break down the bearing grease,decreasing performance and lifespan. When cleaning the bike, use only mild soap and a mild stream of water for rinsing. Avoid pressure washing,high pressure systems can direct water and special wetting agents at a high pressure, forcing water passed the bearing seal and removing critical bearing grease.

Recommended and Approved brake pads for FasTop Bike wheels:

Having the wrong pads,or worn pads,can be dangerous and potentially void your wheel’s warranty. These brake pads have been tested and approved for use with FasTop Bike tubular and clincher wheels:

Ashima pads

Tangente/(Platinum Pro) pads 

SwissStop pads

Bontrager cork pads

Zipp carbon pads

Other brake pads brands, but for carbon wheels only

General Maintenance:

It is the user’s responsibility to examine the product on a regular basis to determine the need for service or replacement. Users should inspect their bicycle and its parts on a regular basis in order to detect damage that may have occurred from normal use. Inspect all parts for damage and wear before each use. Check all fasteners periodically for tightness. 


Pre-Ride Inspection:

Check that your axles,dropouts,and quick release mechanisms are clean and free of dirt or other debris. Close the brake caliper quick release mechanisms and check that your brakes are functioning properly. For a mountain bike with disc brakes,spin your wheels to ensure that your rotors are not rubbing and that the brakes are working properly. Make sure that both your front and rear wheels are centered in the fork and frame. If they are not you will need to loosen the quick release and re-seat the axle in the dropout. Double check that the quick release retention springs are installed correctly (smaller end facing inward). Ensure that your quick releases or thru-axle wheel retention devices are secured properly. Check spokes for tension or damage. Check that your tires are sized properly. If you are unsure any of above after several attempts,please consult your local Fastop Bike dealer or a professional bike mechanic.

WARNING: In the event of a bicycle accident or crash,discontinue riding the bicycle until it has been thoroughly examined by a qualified bicycle mechanic,and any damaged parts replaced. All damaged parts should be repaired or replaced by a qualified bicycle mechanic before the bicycle is used again. Continuing to use damaged parts may lead to loss of control of the bicycle and cause injury or death.

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